10 Top Companies in Manchester

Only London has a bigger office market than Manchester. The Greater Manchester area’s GVA (Gross Value Added) is approximately £42 billion and is the third biggest of any county in England, exceeding the GVA of Wales. Manchester is known for having vast employment opportunities in the fields of finance, banking and insurance. Manchester is also a huge player in the retail field so it’s no surprise to find companies in these areas dominating the top 10.

10: Thomas Cook

This airline has its headquarters in Manchester and has a fleet of 42 airplanes travelling to 95 destinations around the world. It carries more than 8 million passengers each year with the company always looking for bright young employees to add some colour to proceedings. This is an extremely rewarding job, especially if you elect to become one of the air flight crew and visit exotic locations as a matter of course.

9: Stagecoach Manchester

If you’re looking for a steady job, you could become one of the Stagecoach Manchester drivers. It is the largest UK subsidiary of the Stagecoach group and serves an incredible 87 million people a year. It was founded in 1996 and is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves driving, meeting people and would like to see more of the area surrounding Manchester.

8: McVitie's

Every wonder where all those delicious biscuits came from? Now you get the opportunity to find out if you take a job in the Manchester branch of McVitie’s. More than 71 million packets of Chocolate Homewheat Digestives a year are eaten in the UK. If you’re lucky, you may even get to take home a pack or two!

7: Guardian Media Group

This is an organisation that controls several newspapers, including The Guardian and The Observer. It has an annual revenue of £255 million and offers exciting opportunities for anyone looking to make it in the world of journalism. Get your foot in the door of this organisation and you could forge a very lucrative career.

6: Kellogg's

The European HQ of this enormous corporation is located in Manchester which is also the home of its largest worldwide factory. You could become part of a company with an annual revenue of over $12 billion. There are currently more than 30,000 employees working for Kellogg’s but there are always vacancies available for the right candidate.

5: Henri Lloyd

This is an internationally famous clothing brand that also has its headquarters in Manchester. They have more than 40 stores spread throughout the globe. If you are interested in making clothing for sailing and yachting and would like to advance in a company and showcase your designing talent, Henri Lloyd could be a shrewd career choice.

4: Building Design Partnership BDP

Manchester also has room for prospective architects as BDP are constantly seeking to add to their 1,200 employees worldwide. If you are a sociologist, architect, traffic engineer or structural engineer, the BDP will represent you.

3: ITV

If you are looking for a job on television, there are few better places to start looking than the ITV. This channel enjoys a UK audience share of 16% and is known for producing cutting edge programming. There are a host of exciting job prospects whether you are looking to appear as a sports journalist or a meteorologist.

2: BBC

This is one of the most famous and respected television stations in the world. Founded in 1927, the BBC have a major office in Manchester. It provides public service broadcasting to the UK and is one of the first stations people turn to for news. Whether you are looking for a behind-the-scenes job or would like to become known to the nation as a newsreader, the BBC is a terrific place to gain employment.

1: Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine with a 65-70% share of the market. It enjoys a revenue of over $29 billion a year and has a large office in Manchester. If you want to be at the forefront of the internet revolution, Google offers jobs from entry-level to executive. It is a company that is still expanding and looking to add to its 31,000+ employees.

As you can plainly see, Manchester has a number of major international organisations on its doorstep. There are no shortages of career opportunities for those who are ambitious.


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